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Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. How I can get Scroll of Evil Spirit?

    You can kill strong monster in Atlans like Silver Valkyrie or Zaikan in Tarkan.

  2. How I can get Loch's Feather?

    Please go to Icarus Map and try to kill Phoenix of Darkness.

  3. How I can get Archangel Weapon?

    Please complete Blood Castle 6 to have chance to get it.

  4. How I can report game issue?

    Please fill out Issue/Request report in our Google Form.
    Or you can send a message by our Contact Form.
    Or you can send a message to our Fan Page.

  5. Do I need to disable Antivirus Software to play Game?

    Our Game Client is clean, so you do NOT need to disable Antivirus Software.
    Security and safety is our FIRST priority here.

  6. I cannot download Minimizer software? Where can I download it?

    Yes, you cannot.
    We no longer run old Client which need Minimizer software.
    Thus, we no longer maintain Minimizer software too.
    New Client already have Windowed mode. Please use latest Client.

  7. What is game version?

    Version 0.96-0.97. Someone will call it Season 0.
    Classical (Old School) Game features.

  8. Do you have plan to upgrade to higher version like Season 6?

    Currently we do not have plan for that.
    We aim to keep a Free to Play, Safety, Simple and Fun Game.

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