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⚡️ New Feature: Auto Run Skill (Right Click) ⚡️



- Run skill without Right Click.

- Say no with Hold Right Click ("Kẹp chuột").

- Say no with third-party tool.



/auto [mode] [skill number]

- mode: on | off

- skill number: count from left to right, start by 1


Supported skills (without Target):

- Flame (Cot Lua)

- Twister (Loc Xoay)

- Evil Spirits (Trieu Tap Linh Hon)

- Hell Fire (Lua Dia Nguc)

- Aqua Beam (Luong Nuoc Xanh)

- Comet Fall (Mua Sao Bang)

- Inferno (Vong Tron Lua)

- Multiple Shot (Tan Cong Lien Hoan)

- Twisting Slash (Xoay Kiem)

- Rageful Blow (Dia Chan)

- Penetration (Xuyen Tam Tien)

- Ultimate Attack (Chem Lua)


Let's give a try and share your feeling 😉

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