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Duration: 00:00 2020-12-24 ~ 00:00 2020-12-28 (GMT+7)

High speed level up, high change to get Event Items, Excellent Items:
- 300x Experience (Now 100x)
- 50% Star Of Sacred Birth Drop Rate (Now 1%)
- 30 minutes Golden Invasion (Now 20 minutes)

Server Info+

VersionSeason 0
Total Accounts712
Total Characters56
Total Guilds0
Online Users1

Top Resets+

VuongBKBlade Knight5072
HondasMagic Gladiator501
TheOneVNDark Wizard36245
VuongSMSoul Master35211
wOOzieSoul Master26236

Event Schedule+

Blood Castle
Devil Square
Golden Invasion
Dragon Invasion
Skeleton King
Fun Hour 15x
Happy Hour 20x

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