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Hi MU friends,

We will move on new CMS for our Website soon.
So from now you can access it by new link:

What news ?
1. New CMS with modern design
- Support 9 languages: English, Vietnamese, Español, Filipino, Português, Romanian, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Lithuanian

2. Email System work with new Website:
  + Register
  + Change Email
  + Change Password
  + Recovery Password
  + Contact by Email

3. New features on Website
  + Unstick Character (1M Zen)
  + Reset Stats (1M Zen)
  + Vote for Credits (for now Credits will be used to Buy Zen only)
  + Buy Zen
  + Mu Roulette (mini game)

4. Update features
  + Reset Character does NOT need Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Creation, Loch's Feather

- Please make sure that your current email address is VALID. If not, please change it to a VALID email address.
- Because in new Website system, we will use Email system for changing/recovering password.
- Old Website will be off soon from 2021-Nov-25 00:00 GMT+7.

Have fun!

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